Water is the most important element for life. It is of vital importance for the human being, as well as for the rest of the animals and living beings that accompany us on the planet Earth.

It is curious that 70 percent of the earth is water and that 70 percent of our body is also water. Maybe that is why the recommendable thing to have a healthy diet and a long life is eating food with a percentage of 70 percent in water.

The human being needs a lot of drinking water for his own existence, but just a few liters of water would be necessary, the righteous to drink, hydrate and face, water the plants ... etc.

But instead, the human being tends to abuse this rich element to the detriment of his own species and to the detriment of his own existence as well as that of the rest of the inhabitants of the earth. It is said that the human being can need up to 500 liters of drinking water a day, which represents an extremely excessive waste. Hence, we are giving so much importance to the water for the development of life on the planet.

Water is not only important as a vital resource but also as an economic and industrial resource, since it is used in innumerable industrial activities, it is a high consumption and almost always contaminated.

Let's see why water is so important for life. Out of the sea, drinking water is just only 1 percent of all existing water, the remaining 96 percent is salt water that is located in the seas, and the three percent that is missing is the water that is in the Polos in the form of ice.
And although it seems that it rains often and that we have very free and unlimited water, it is the opposite. The earth is increasingly hot, desertification is growing in areas that previously enjoyed rivers and swamps, and the impossibility of being able to cultivate and water the land is becoming the main problem of hunger worldwide.