USP Glycerin Food Grade Manuelita Brand


Commercially Pure Liquid Glycerin Grade USP (also called food grade) is available for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food applications with a glycerol concentration of 99.7%.

Physically the glycerin is soluble in water, clear and almost without color, toilet, viscous and has the property of absorbing the surrounding humidity (hygroscopic). All these properties of glycerin make it have a vast amount of applications and a great diversity of uses.

Applications: Food industry: It is used as a stabilizer, emulsifier, flavor extraction vehicles, such as wetting and thickening agent. In addition, it avoids evaporation of the aqueous phase in cosmetic gelled emulsions and systems and home care: it is used in cosmetics for its emollient and wetting properties. Pharmaceutical industry: It is used in the manufacture of all types of topical forms for dry skin cases, cutaneous asperities, ichthyosis, non-rendumizing eczemas, etc., in the manufacture of laxatives, as a lubricating and moisturizing agent.

Available presentations:

  • Gallon x 3.8 liters
  • Camete x 20 liters
  • Tina x 250 liters
  • Cistern X 30 tons

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