Propylene glycol

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PROPILENGLICOL USP is a high purity product that helps ensure the desired quality and performance in food, drinks, cosmetics pharmaceutical products and other diverse applications of low toxicity. USP propylene glycol is an excellent solvent for many organic chemicals insoluble in water. It is a clear, colorless liquid, slightly viscous, totally miscible with water. Since propylene glycol presents so many different properties, it has become the preferred product of cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries. The low toxicity of USP propylene glycol is unique among glycols and allows its use as a direct additive in food and drugs.

Solvent for aromas in the concentrated flavoring industry. Moisturizing agent for natural resins. Solvent for elixires and pharmaceutical preparations that have some water soluble ingredients. HEAT MEANS OF LOW TEMPE-RATURE, FOR COVERING SYSTEMS, LACTEAS INDUSTRIES AND VINICOL INDUSTRIES as well as for other refrigeration equipment that have cooling windows in direct contact with food or drinks. In aqueous solution, it presents excellent antifreeze properties. Solvent for print inks. Solvent and coupling agent for many other applications.