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Large disposable spoon * 100 und | package | Suraplas.

Large disposable spoon * 100 und | package | Suraplas.

Large disposable spoon * 100 und | package | Suraplas.
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ENVÍOS NACIONALES. El costo del envio se calcula dependiendo de la ciudad de despacho y será cargada a su factura . Los ENVÍOS GRATIS únicamente aplican para la ciudad de CALI a partir de $150.000.

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Mode of use

Refund policy


The products acquired by the user may be returned by the following causes:

  • If there is an error in the article. For your return you must preserve the original envelope, including cellophane or any other and the article should not present samples of abuse (accompanied by the corresponding purchase order) within 3 days following the date of delivery.

Paragraph: Products made in maquila or exclusively for the client will not be returned.

  • If the article presents manufacturing defects. In this case, the article will be sent for opinion to the manufacturer, and must preserve the original envelope, including cellophane or any other and should not present samples of abuse (accompanied by the corresponding order of purchase) within 3 days following the delivery date.


General Return Conditions.

It is important that users consider that the products to be returned must comply with the following characteristics:

  • Keep your original packaging, labels, adhesives and envelopes
  • Do not contain signs of use or manipulation.


Returns by different or defective items.

The return can be made in two ways:

  • Delivery at the time of receipt of the merchandise, the conveyor.
  • Within three days following phone call or email support
Right to retract for purchases in virtual store.

Money returns only apply when exercising the right of retractive for purchases made through the Virtual Store (Online), and at the events and conditions provided for in Law 1480 of 2011 Article 47, provided that it is exercised during the five (5 ) Business Days following the date of purchase.

In accordance with the numeral 7 of article 47 of Law 1480, the goods of personal use are excepted.

In case of the aforementioned requirements, industrial proquim S.A.S. It will return the total sum that you paid for the garments, this payment does not include transportation costs, which must be assumed by the buyer, without discounts or retentions. The refund will be done within a maximum period of (30) calendar days, through any of the following ways:

  • Electronic transfer: within the (10) business days of receiving the product.
  • Reversal of payment: (30) skilled after receiving the product. It is carried out to the same account or credit card, from which the purchase was made.
  • Bank account consignment: banking consignment will be made on behalf of the client.

Keep in mind that shipping costs to return your products and exercise your right of retractive, run on behalf of the buyer.


In Proquim Industrial S.A.S. We market products with excellent quality standards, therefore, are fully guaranteed. Clients should read the corresponding use and storage instructions very well.

However, if the product came to have quality defects despite its proper use, during the validity of the guarantee, or reached imperfect, it will proceed as follows:

The products are guaranteed 30 days counted from the date of billing of the product.

The response of the approval to the guarantee will be subject to the result of the technical evaluation carried out by Proquim Industrial S.A.S.

 You must bear in mind that a product has no guarantee if:

  • Detailed instructions have not been followed in the instructions for use.
  • The product had contact with other products that can modify its use or become ineffective.
  • The product had contact with external agents that can deteriorate the product.
  • Damage or fault is a product of incorrect product use.
  • The product was altered, violated or modified by the client.
  • Damage or fault is a product of normal wear wear.
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  • Camila Rodríguez:

    The products That I have used to clean my home have been very good.

  • Pedro Manzano:
    Excellent service, good products.

  • Jacqueline Moreno:

    The Organic 70, excellent to clean the boards of the floors.

  • Anderson Arias:

    I like them too much! Its products have a high concentration allowing
    Save time cleaning.

Cleaning and quality

Proquim Industrial markets and manufactures products with the highest quality standards that will provide you with safe cleaning and disinfection in all spaces.